Clients (partial list)

Paramount Television
FOX Sports

and many more.............

Credits (partial list)

Riding in Cars With Boys Feature (Underscore)
Sheer Bliss Feature (Score)
ESPN Hallmark Fish Game Fishing (Bumpers)
Next Big Star (Opening Sequence)
Paramount Television Moesha (Promos)
FOX Sports Major League Soccer (Main Title)
Paramount Television Montel Williams (Promos)
CBS Payne starring John Larroquette (Main Title/Cues)
FOX Americas Most Wanted (Score/Drama/Suspense)
Paramount Television Montel Williams (Promos)
Paramount Television Judge Judy (Promos)
Paramount Television Spin City (Promos)
MTV Road Rules All Stars (Main Title)
NBC Trinity (Source Music)
FOX Party of Five (Source Music)
ESPN2 Paved New World (Main Title)
The Sporting News NBA Matchups, NFL Matchups, NHL Matchups, NCAA Matchups (Opening/Closing)
Late Last Night Feature (Source)
Police Branch 82 Feature (Score)
Brutality & Peace in Paradise Feature (Score)
Dirty Pair 10 episodes Animation (Music Score/Sound)
KISS (Artist) Revenge (Writing) Received Gold & Carnival of Souls (Writing)
Ken Tamplin (Artist) An Axe To Grind (Writing/Guitar), Soul Survivor (Writing/Guitar) Received Dove Award, Tamplin (Writing/Guitar), Greatest Hits (Writing/Guitar)
& WTN (Writing/Guitar)
Roch Voicine (Artist) Chaque Fue (Writing/Guitar) Received Platinum
Greatest Unknown Guitarist C.D. (Title Track)

Top Electric Guitarist in L.A. L.A. Guitar Wars 1989
Top ten Guitarist in D¹Addario World Guitar Competition
A Trade USA (National)
Mattel (Game Boy) Construction Zone Boulder (National)
Mattel (Hot Wheels) Fireball, Octoblast, Extreme Moto, Extreme Motocross, Donut & Kart Maniacs (National)
Mattel (Hot Wheels) Formula One, Hot Cam, Formula Fueler, Extreme Moto, Extreme Motocross
& Octoblast (International)
The Denver Post (Regional)
First National Bank Carwash & Repairanoia (Regional)
Mattel (CAT Construction Zone) Lunch (National)
Nickelodeon Do The Nick Click (National)
Hot Wheels (Game Boy) Plane (National)
Sam's Town Dining Around The World (National)
Nestle's Sweet Success 3 spots (National)
Carnation Good Start Baby Formula (National)
Disneyland Advertising Child's Play (National)
Matchbox Sky High Rescue (National)
Sunkist (International)
Batman Deluxe Figures, Sewer,
Bridge & Batmobile (National)
Fresno Falcons Hockey Team (Regional)
NBC Judge Joe Brown (Promo)
Justice League Javalin & Mission Vision (National)
YU-GI-OH Duel Disk, Monster Shootout
& Launcher Spider (National)
Boom Boom Huck Jam (National)
Max Steel Dirt Bike, Hidden Cave, Ice Maze,
Jungle Ball & Knife Throw (National)

and many more..............